Application to Use NLN Expert Clinician Medallion Logo

Clinicians who would like to use the NLN EC logo for marketing purposes must submit an application for approval.  When an application is approved, the clinician will receive written notice, as well as a copy of the file.

Use of the NLN EC medallion logo requires agreement to the following:

  • The medallion file will be used professionally and only related to marketing directly associated to the NLN Expert Clinician’s name and no other clinician.
  • Each NLN EC clinician needs to submit their individual requests.
  • If found to be using the file inappropriately, the privileges to use the logo will be revoked, and the clinician will no longer be allowed to use the logo in any personal or commercial capacity.
  • The clinician may only use the logo while the NLN EC status is current and in good-standing. If the NLN EC designation receives an inactive status, the clinician can no longer use the logo until all necessary requirements have been fulfilled.  The clinician will then have to complete a new application to use the medallion logo file.