NLN Garment Program

The National Lymphedema Network’s Garment Program was started in 2008 by the Westbrook family, in memory of Marilyn Westbrook. She had an extensive history of cancer and related treatment that eventually resulted in lymphedema. While she was alive, she struggled to obtain appropriate compression garments to manage the lymphedema in order to improve her quality of life. Today, people living with lymphedema continue to find it difficult to obtain compression garments due to lack of insurance coverage or financial constraints. It was Marilyn Westbrook’s wish to make sure that no other patients have to endure the pain and frustrations she went through. Her husband, after her death, created the garment fund to provide financial aid to those who cannot afford to purchase the garments that are required to treat their lymphedema. Today, the National Lymphedema Network partners with garment sponsors to continue this opportunity for the lymphatic community.

Please note that applications may only be completed by a clinician who is a NLN member at the Clinician or Organization level.

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