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The National Lymphedema Network aims to inspire clinicians to provide world-class care for people with lymphedema by promoting best practice guidelines and standards of care.  To work towards this mission, the National Lymphedema Network established the NLN Expert Clinician designation in 2021 to elevate the standards of therapeutic care being provided to patients with lymphatic diseases by implementing a mentorship with expert clinicians in their fields with live competency-based assessment on multiple facets of current lymphatic treatment.  This includes, but is not limited to: manual lymph drainage, multi-layered short stretch bandaging, elastic taping, wound care, compression garment decision prescription, body-specific considerations (such as head and neck, genital, and breast/chest), pneumatic compression pump, and fibrosis treatment.  There will also be a written examination for the NLN EC designation to assess that the clinician possesses functional knowledge related to safety with patient care and best current treatment practice. This will include though is not limited to: anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system, current surgical procedures for lymphatic disease, contraindications and precautions related to therapeutic interventions, such as manual lymph drainage and compression, skin care and potential physical changes, and modalities.

Please read the NLN Expert Clinician Policy to learn more about the application process and necessary requirements.


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2025 Dates TBD

*Please note:  If you have received the NLN Expert Clinician in the past, you do not need to attend the assessment day.  Please refer to the guidelines to maintaining the desgination below.


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